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Get Together and Dance All Night

How fun does this new Dance skill look?! I’m even more excited about that skill than the DJ skill (and I’m pretty stoked for that one). And the choreographed dance floor moves… oh my goodness!

It actually works out perfectly for one of the Sims that I made for my Get Together Let’s Play, I knew that going out and dancing was going to be her favorite pastime, and I am thrilled that there’s going to be a skill for it! Sorry to keep teasing about my secret new Sims, I promise to put out the intro video soon…. maybe.

I seriously can’t wait for this expansion to come out though. I have to admit, I wasn’t that happy when it was first announced (I feel like there are things we need more than we need more social outings), but the more trailers they put out, the more fun it looks.

Can it be December now?!