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Tag: puzzle game

Big Pharma

Many of the games that I play are odd little ones that don’t really have a storyline; puzzle games, simulations, etc. One that I picked up recently is Big Pharma, and I really like it. Here’s the official trailer for it:

The first part of the game is a bit of a logistics puzzle; you need to build your assembly lines to be as space efficient as you can, and properly utilize your ports for importing and outputting. Floor space gets spendy and some of the machines don’t like to cooperate with each other, so it’s fun to try to make sure your supply doesn’t stop when one machine takes longer than another, and that you’re not wasting space.

Farms & Castles

So on Saturday, I accidentally wound up being stuck in a car for a grand total of just over 4 hours, unexpectedly. It’s a long story, but basically Google Maps sent us to the wrong city, so after driving an hour we realized we were an hour and a half from where we needed to be.

Luckily for me, I was the passenger and I filled most of that time playing games on my iPhone so I wouldn’t go insane. I spent a surprisingly long time playing Farms & Castles.

It’s a pretty straight-forward puzzle matching type game. Three bushes turn into a tree, three trees into a forest, three forests into a farm, and so on and so forth. You lose when you run out of space to put new things in.

Farms & Castles is everything a Freemium game should be, I’m pretty impressed by how unobtrusive it is compared to some other mobile games I play. You can spend some cash to buy magic orbs (they do things like clear a spot, transform stone/wood items, and act as a matching piece) if you really want to, but you can earn the gold to buy them in-game and it’s not really necessary to buy them. There is the occasional after you’ve made X amount of moves, but it’s not a video or anything like that, so it’s not really that annoying.

All in all, it’s a cute game (I like the graphics) that kills some time without annoying me. I love a game like that!