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Category: PC Gaming

Some Thoughts on Civilization VI

Ahhh, Steam Summer Sale, how I love you and your ability to separate me from my money. This year I found out the sale had started when I got an email saying 25 games on my Wishlist were on sale hahaha!

Sadly my budget is limited for the time being, but I was able to pick up Civilization VI for under $30, which was the price point I was willing to buy it at. I’ve been playing it pretty non-stop since I bought it! I know a lot of people hate it, but I feel like that hate is just that people don’t like change (I’m looking at you, Sims “fans” that won’t stop bitching about how 4 isn’t the same as 3 or 2…..).

Granted, I wasn’t super into older versions; I think V was the first one I ever played and it required a little more attention than I usually felt like giving it. People seem to love that version, but the biggest complain I see is that VI isn’t as feature rich as V. Of course it’s not, it hasn’t been developed for as long! Jesus people. Ahem. Anyway, enough about what other people think, here’s what I think!

First, I love the graphics. I am a sucker for bright, colorful, semi-cartoony graphics. That’s part of why I always get suckered back into World of Warcraft (which I’m not playing right now). They’re nice to look at and don’t slow down my mediocre system which is always a plus.

The game play seems a little more straight-forward than in V (or the space version that I didn’t much care for), but not in a bad way. Sometimes things get “dumbed down” and I hate them, but this doesn’t feel like it’s reaching for the lowest common denominator, but more like some of the fat got trimmed out. One place I really noticed this was the ability to merge units with research a little further in the game, so I’d could combine two and then three of the same dudes into a single more powerful unit. My biggest complaint in the past with trying to do anything military was what a pain in the ass it was having to micromanage a million units; now I don’t need as many to stomp my enemies! Mwahahaha.

I played for a few days straight and did one victory of each type, and I enjoyed most of them. I was going to write more about each one here, but now I’m tired and lazy. So I’ll make another post about those another time, but suffice it to say for now my favorite victory was Culture and my least favorite was Science. Now you have something to look forward to, WHYYY is that my breakdown?

The moral of this post is: Civilization VI isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, grab it while it’s on a good sale. The end.

First Thoughts – The Division

Last night, I sat down for what I’m pretty sure is the first time this year to play some video games. Man, I can’t believe it’s been so long, life has been insane.

Anyway, my buddy over at Malformed Fork pre-ordered a copy of The Division for me, so last night we sat down to play it for a bit together. Unfortunately, the Ubisoft servers imploded almost immediately (which is not surprising; also I hate Ubisoft with the fire of a thousand suns).

By the time they came back up, I only got to play for about an hour before I was too sleepy to continue. But, from what I saw so far, the game should be pretty cool. I really liked the opening video sequence, what a neat story.

The graphics look pretty slick, and I enjoyed that character customization happens ‘in-game’. My agent looks a little like me, hehe.

The controls are pretty different from what I’m used to, so I keep crouching behind things that I want to jump over, or jumping on things that I want to crouch behind, but I think I should get used to that pretty quickly. Then in all my other games (when I finally get around to playing them) I’ll just look like an idiot jumping at walls haha.

I’m looking forward to playing a bit more of this game and I hope it’s awesome; so far it’s looking promising.

Get Together and Dance All Night

How fun does this new Dance skill look?! I’m even more excited about that skill than the DJ skill (and I’m pretty stoked for that one). And the choreographed dance floor moves… oh my goodness!

It actually works out perfectly for one of the Sims that I made for my Get Together Let’s Play, I knew that going out and dancing was going to be her favorite pastime, and I am thrilled that there’s going to be a skill for it! Sorry to keep teasing about my secret new Sims, I promise to put out the intro video soon…. maybe.

I seriously can’t wait for this expansion to come out though. I have to admit, I wasn’t that happy when it was first announced (I feel like there are things we need more than we need more social outings), but the more trailers they put out, the more fun it looks.

Can it be December now?!

All The Clubs! Let’s Get Together!

I think the feature I’m most excited for in The Sims 4 Get Together is Clubs! They sound awesome, and very flexible/customizable according to the official video on them.

I think the first club I’m going to make is going to be a group of Foodies. They’ll get together and cook gourmet meals, drink coffee (the new barista bar should be cool), and act snobby haha. Actually, I don’t think either of my Sims for the Get Together Let’s Play I’m planning would fit that club, so maybe it’ll be my second one. I’m hoping there will be features for a book club, as one of my Sims would definitely be down for that.

I didn’t like the social features that eventually got put into The Sims 3 (it was badly implemented to say the least), but this Clubs thing kind of makes me wish that my friends’ Sims could join my club and visit my town, and then go back to their own towns and start “Chapters” in their game! I guess it doesn’t need to be that involved though, even just sharing a club via the Gallery system might work out. Wishful thinking…

Anyway, what custom clubs do you guys plan on making? Or are you loving the ones outlined in the video? My Katie Plays Sim might be interested in the Avant Gardes, but it depends on what else they like to do besides try for high scores.

Super Meta Let’s Play Series!

So, since The Sims 4 Get Together expansion got pushed back a bit (until Dec 8, which is just AFTER my first Winter Vacation ends, go figure), I needed something to do. I mean, I still need to do the intro video for my Get Together Let’s Play but now I have plenty of time for that.

I mean, I needed something I can get a few videos out of before then, because my poor YouTube channel has been quiet for too long and BF4 doesn’t make for interesting videos. Anyway, I was watching some other Simmers, and I saw a comment that said something about how with the right skills, a Sim could Livestream video games.

I immediately thought about how awesome it would be if I went all Super Meta and made a Katie Plays sim, and make her work in tech support (which I do in real life), and game all day, and eventually live stream her games LIKE ME. It’s silly to tell a Sim to go play Sims Forever, and I totally do that in the first video!