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A Lullaby for Luna: Werewolf Actual Play

So as I mentioned before, I have been DYING to play in a Werewolf game, and while I’m having a blast running my game, my heart still wanted to play.

And then an amazing opportunity fell into my lap, and I got to join a game that a published freelance write for Onyx Path is running! Honestly I just about died of excitement when I found out about it all.

We’re only a few sessions in and I am already having an amazing time! Erica is a great storyteller and I am so excited to see where the story goes.

My character, Quinn, is a super social Elodoth that brings balance to her pack of warriors and spirit talkers. She’s got a secret background that I hope comes up at some point!

We’ve posted our past sessions on YouTube, the first few we’re still trying to sort out some audio issues but I think next week we’ll have it nailed down! Catch up on Erica’s channel and listen to A Lullabye for Luna.

If you want to watch live, that’s an option now too! We stream on Thursdays at 4pm PST on Twitch, and we’d love to see you 🙂

Oh Hai, TTRPGs

Ok so I know this blog has been dead for a few years now.. it’s a thing that happens. But hey, I’m back for now, let’s talk! I want to talk about tabletop roleplaying games, or TTRPGs for way shorter.

I love them. Like.. for real. If I had to pick just one type of game to play for the rest of forever, TTRPGs would win. The trouble has always just been finding people to play with, finding time, etc. Anyone that knows anything about TTRPGs has seen all the memes about scheduling, people dropping out, etc.

So, a silver lining of the whole COVID thing has been the MASSIVE ability to play TTRPGs online via amazing services like Discord and Roll20. Friends had more time, nobody had to drive anywhere, all the streaming stuff has been improving.. the perfect storm for all the gaming.

So of course I’ve been playing with a vengeance, making up for lost time and stuff. I am especially excited that people are starting to branch out from D&D/Pathfinder. Don’t get me wrong, those games are just fine! I like them well enough and if that’s your favorite by all means, I’m glad you love them. But there are just SOOOO many amazing systems out there that people have never even heard of that a party can tell such an amazing story in, and I’m really glad to see them getting some love AND to be able to find people to play these other games with.

So.. here’s what I’ve been up to!

First, My Gloomhaven group ran a Pathfinder 2E campaign to kick things off.. gotta start with the familiar sometimes haha. I played a gnome bard fortune teller.

Then, my husband and I grabbed some other friends and started a Delta Green campaign. DG is one of my new favorites, it’s so good. It’s basically set in our world with a Lovecraft-ian twist, and your characters are agents with a secret organization trying to find the cause, cover it up, and minimize human exposure. Grab the Need to Know (including a sample mission) for FREE and give it a whirl! My character in this game was Frankie DeSoto, a DEA agent that was exposed to the supernatural on a drug bust gone wrong.

And then, my best friend said her husband needed another player for a Blades in the Dark game and asked if one of us wanted to play in it. I took that slot gladly haha! Blades has SUCH a unique game play system, and I especially love the downtime mechanic and want to adapt it for every other game. Anyway in this game the characters are a gang of criminals in a sort of Victorian, sort of Post-Apocalyptical setting. My main character Penumbra is a Lurk, basically a rogue type character, who was once nobility until her family lost everything. She’s currently away on a gambling bender so for the next session or two I’ll be playing Rias Breakiron, a cutter that doesn’t actually like violence but is just really good at it and knows it gets things done.

More recently, my Pathfinder game wrapped up, and after playing a few weeks of Gloomhaven we decided we wanted to keep playing TTRPGs. So we switched to Cyberpunk Red. If you don’t know what cyberpunk as a genre is, go watch Dredd and then buy this rulebook heh. We’re only a few sessions in but so far I’m digging it! My character Wrecking Belle is a roller-derby star and social influencer that got dragged into the criminal underworld by being kidnapped by a ripperdoc after her cyberlegs and now she wants revenge.

On a similar system-switch, my Delta Green group hit a good pausing point so we decided to switch to MY ALL TIME FAVORITE system, Werewolf the Forsaken. I’ve been aching to play this game again for like 8 years now, and while I actually got suckered into running instead of playing, I am having an absolute blast. Been a bit of a learning and remembering curve for me since we’re playing 2E and I had only ever played first ed, but the new workup is really solid. Running a homebrew is exhausting but so rewarding! We’ve got our third session this weekend and I have some really awesome stuff planned for the pack.

So that’s everything I’m currently playing, though I do have my finger on the pulse of some other opportunities to play.. like I said, I have a lot of lost time to make up for haha! I’ll be playing a Mage game and my husband is playing Eclipse Phase at TryItCon this weekend and we’re pretty excited for that.

Any other table-toppers here? What are some of your favorite systems?