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Super Meta Let’s Play Series!

So, since The Sims 4 Get Together expansion got pushed back a bit (until Dec 8, which is just AFTER my first Winter Vacation ends, go figure), I needed something to do. I mean, I still need to do the intro video for my Get Together Let’s Play but now I have plenty of time for that.

I mean, I needed something I can get a few videos out of before then, because my poor YouTube channel has been quiet for too long and BF4 doesn’t make for interesting videos. Anyway, I was watching some other Simmers, and I saw a comment that said something about how with the right skills, a Sim could Livestream video games.

I immediately thought about how awesome it would be if I went all Super Meta and made a Katie Plays sim, and make her work in tech support (which I do in real life), and game all day, and eventually live stream her games LIKE ME. It’s silly to tell a Sim to go play Sims Forever, and I totally do that in the first video!

I built a little house for that game, and had the foresight to record while I was building it! It’s a cute little house and while I’m sure it could be better, I love it. It has a bedroom/computer room loft area. Both the house and the Katie Plays Sim are available on the Sims gallery, so feel free to download them if you want them.

The Speed Build turned out better than I expected considering I have never done one, and I barely know how the cinematic camera works. I hope my next video will be better.

Next on my agenda is Episode 2 of the Super Meta series, and then after that I think I’ll start recording the intro for my Get Together series. I’ve actually made the Sims for it and did start getting some footage together, but I’ve decided I want to do a different intro-style so much of what I have won’t work for it. I like making more work for myself.

If there’s anything in particular you want to see in the Super Meta series, let me know! I love feedback and other ideas.


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