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I’m Playing All the Battlefield 4!

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll see quite a few mentions about me dying in Battlefield 4, and lamenting that how even though I said I wanted to make some Sims 4 videos, all I’ve been doing is playing Battlefield. This is still super true.

Shortly after we started I put up a video showing all my deaths in one round, and it’s just sad. The video was shot the first time I tried to record a BF4 match and I had a technical difficulty, but I managed to salvage some of the footage at least. Death Montages are funny at least, even if they feature me.

Since then, I’ve taken to mostly streaming my BF4 time on Twitch. I’ve got a bunch of buddies that play it, and they are my ‘cohosts’ on it. Mostly it’s my boyfriend Savage McNavage, Gant, Rookie, and Ben, but the other day I was joined by Leprekawn from Cult of the Malformed Fork.

All the playing has made me ever so slightly better at Battlefield 4; now I can sometimes manage to kill people! But I still die all the fricken time. I just don’t know how people manage to spot me so quickly.

Anywho, if you want to see my sad stats you can check out my Battlelog profile. I like to play on the ATR Gameres Mixed Mode server so if you ever want to join me for some strange reason, that’s a good place to look. I’ll probably also accept your random friend request if you send one, but remember that I suck, so don’t be a jerk to me; you had fair warning!

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